Islamization of laws in Pakistan-II

Sanaullah Kalwar;

Zia also desired to eliminate interest on all loans and securities and make an interest free economy, in 1981 interest payments were replaced by the system of Profit and Loss. The government of that time introduced and encouraged banks to adopt financing schemes supported by Islm as “Murabaha”and “Musharka” and Last was the education policy Zia worked enthusiastically for education reforms, he founded a shariah department at Quaid e Azam university in 1979 to coach legal specialists, he paid attention to reorganization of Deeni Madaris and to tend degrees for his or her education as English medium schools were taking then on. Therefore He did some good efforts to enforce the Nizam e Mustafa completely as dreamed before participation. Now it’s the responsibility of current government to require reports of all the institutions being established under Zia ul Haq, and make some refoms in them.

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