TJP chief shocked over Achakzai’s acquittal


RAWALPINDI :   (Parliament Times)   Muhammad Abdullah Hameed Gul, Chairman, Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan and Kashmir, has lamented the honorable acquittal of Achakzai, an addicted, in broad daylight in Balochistan. The people of Pakistan are protesting against this court decision on social media and this protest has also showed many positive aspects. He said the case was taken up by former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Nisar Saqib as suo moto, whose case was registered by the Balochistan government against accused Achakzai. If it is done, what will happen to the common man? He said that a government official was killed and Achakzai was also confessing. His video was seen all over Pakistan and the world but our court did not find any evidence. This is a question mark on our weak prosecution and justice system. He said that someone was responsible for the murder. Why doesn’t the court issue an order to arrest him? He said that this proves that there is separate law and order in Pakistan for the strong and for the weak.


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