The India Pakistan Question


Sonia Magsi;
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is the principal organ of the United Nations (An
intergovernmental organization headquartered in Newyork). The 75th session of the UN General Assembly shall be held in New York after this month. However, UNSC addresses the listed items on its agenda in its session annually and is assigned to the maintenance of peace and security in the region. As regards "The India-Pakistan Question& quot; would be again discussed in the session with such a belief that the disputed area Jammu and Kashmir will be free from Indian repression, barbarism, illegal annexation
and inhumane attitude towards the Kashmiri people. But, unfortunately, Pakistan slow moves towards (Indian occupied Kashmir) policies do not let the territory be free from Indian illegitimate behavior with Kashmiri Muslims. Note that, Since 1948, UNSC has also failed to resolve the issue and even Pakistan requests from her side time and again. In the news, India has now requested UNSC to take the item (India-Pakistan Question) off from the upcoming session by referring to it as an outdated discussion owing to the merger of Kashmir with India on 5 August illegally or legally doesn’t  matter any more. What
shall be the fate of Kashmir? The next session of the United Nations Security Council shall sit with India and Pakistan together in a conference, What are the chances of winning for Pakistan? Lets hope once again. In my point of view, Kashmir should be a free state having no forceful merger with India or Pakistan.


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