Pakistan should unbanned cryptocurrency

Safeer Hussain Mahoto
We want cryptocurrency in Pak. In 2020 if Pakistan does'nt unbanne, Pakistan will extremely lost in this year. Almost whole world is going to digital currency. Cryptocurrency had been starting from 6000 atcoins since 2008 after It have 3591 currencies and billion of bitcoins, at coins, lite coins, z-cash and moreover. Whole world are taking benefit from it. However it is secure advantages overmore tradditional forms of payment. Examples cash management, centralisation, financial supply chain, investment funding, outsourcing, trade and supply chain, capital markets, payment cards and others. Question is that Is cryptocurrency way of corruption? Might Peoples not be have awarness or Corrupted
gange have activeted that It will have been come. Because corrupt Peoples don't do money laundring through cryptocurrency. If A man money laundring through Paper currency, FIA will steal him. But how can you trace it? However through cryptocurrency or internet. If People does money laundering, FIA will easly arrest him it is traceable. In Pakistan howany double froot cases are pending of money laundring.
Have you banned Paper currency. There is having lost and profit in (multi level coin market) and ( one coin level market) that is not mean to banne it. It is said what is called Foregin exchange regulation act. The other currency can'ot promot here. It is not a currency. You want to look law of UK, Japan, America, Australia, Russia even in South korea or whole countries of Europe it is legal. It is used in the manner of cryptoacid and Property. The tax has been paid. If state bank of Pakistan change cryptocurrency, Trade
will come throughtout world. Our honourable Finance Minister Asad umar has said we will be thinking about it in 2025. Why should take it late. It should be taken as Mr.Mian sahab was told to go abroad. Government should do legislation It's benefit of Pakistan. Consequently It is as If the gold is worn but banned. Pakistan has being removed with great technology.

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