Feminism: is it about modernity or cultural invasion


Azhar Ahmed Bhutto

Women consider to be better half to the men. They are social part of the society. It could not be possible even to imagine a civilized society without women. They have consumed natural respect throughout Islamic tenure. Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, " A good man treat women with honour , they have multiple forms on the basis of relationship. If she is wife, she considers better half, if she is mother, have lots of respect, if she is a sister, consider as blue eye and very close to man heart, and if she is daughter, she assumes as life line, at any aspect women are an alternate of relief, love, respect, cure, and
happiness for society. Naturally, men and women are interdependent to each other. Life is decided between the two.In late 80’s a word "Feminism", french word, was introduced and throughout the west. Women were considered as object in western countries. They lacked basic right of life. In the wake of women rights, a wave emerged and witnessed of women liberty. Women got their basic rights and started a new life. A life without restrictions, a life which gave them liberty to make their own culture
and set of values. They got rid of  Menism masculinity and claimed women freedom. They got control own their bodies and declared, " we don't want to Menism any more". In those days women became uncontrollable and unstoppable. Now, they could have intercourse freely and living have become normal. Later on in the wake of so called liberty, they demanded for isolation, lesbian concept was introduced, homogeneous became normal and illegitimate relations became authorized. In late 20’s ,
they had got , what they actually wanted to. Western had influenced Asia a lot during colonial days. Pakistan is an islamist country which based on the concept of la illah illallah, and have different values, culture and norms. Women in Islam is absolutely different from women in west. In 19’s feminist concept was introduced. Though Islam had already given mutual rights: life, property, voting and option to get desired bridge groom which a woman need to acquired. Our values are, men are protector of women and women are the one who most supportable and close to men. Islam forbids same sex marriage and ask to go for opposite gender. Unfortunately, feminism in Pakistan inducted by west culture, ruined our
culture. Women in Pakistan started following western culture. In 2019 , me2 compaign was a first cultural invasion. The play cards like " Mera jism Meri Marzi", " I am not a production machine", " Apna Khana khud Garam karlo", " Khana main Garam karlogi Bister apna khud Garam karlo. It was quite difficult for me to write such stuff but unfortunately I had to. Aurat March 2020, was an other attack on
our values and norms. Play cards like, " jab piyar Kia to gender Kiya" which means demand of homogeneity, legality of same sex. We being Muslim society have to stop this invasion to prevent a terrible destruction. A nation can make itself a progressive on the basis of values. It is values that differ a nation from others. In order to save our generation from western culture, we have to revive our cultural values and norms. We shall not let our coming generation to be destroyed on the basis of so called modernism.


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