AJK PM seeks practical steps to bring Kashmir freedom struggle to its logical end


Altaf Hamid Rao.


MIRPUR (AJK):    (Parliament Times)    Azad Jammu & Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan Tuesday underlined the need for taking practical steps to lead the current liberation struggle to its logical conclusion.

Speaking at a students convention in the State’s metropolis he said that the future of Pakistan was directly linked with Kashmir therefore steps to mobilize world opinion should be intensified at diplomatic level to apprise the international community about the continued repressions of the Indian forces on unarmed Kashmiri people in occupied Kashmir.

He said that students wing of his ruling party played a significant role in protecting the ideological and geographical boundaries and protected effectively the legacy of the Father of the Nation Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

He said “MSF(N) is the vanguard of our political ideology and always played a leading role in projecting the ideology of Muhmmad Nawaz Sharif, he said the government has restored the students unions and has directed for formulating a code of conduct in this regard and rged the youth to prepare themselves to meet the future challenges.

Haider said that the government has decided to set up Education Board one each in Muzaffarabad and other at Rawlakot in view of the pressing demand of the people. He called for promoting ideology based politics instead of criticizing each other.

The AJK Prime Minister said the government has taken serious steps for the wellbeing of the people of the state and developmental funds were projected judiciously without any political consideration.


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