Our indomitable leader Allama Iqbal


Ali Raza Soomro
The Shaikh Allama Muhammad Iqbal commonly known as Allama Iqbal. he was multidimensional personality having his experties in poetry , philosophy and theory. He was famous barrister in british india (now in pakistan) . As a philosopher he got fame as the propounder of country. It was he who dreamt of free land . The fame of iqbal rested on his poetry. He is said to be the "national poet of country . During his studay in europe Iqbal began to write poetry in persain.He prioritized it because he believed he had found an easy way to express his thoughts. Iqbal say in his 1930 presidential address. explained that Islam was the major and determining factor in the life of Indian Muslims. He defined the
Muslims of India as a nation and recommended there could be no possibility of peace in India without recognizing them as one.after his death we celebrate iqbalday. Iqbal Day is celebrated every year on the 9th of November in order to pay homage to our national poet and philosopher. It is a public holiday where a large number of cultural, literary and educational organizations conduct programs in order to remember him.


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