Honor killing can be killed with education


Dua Katpar
The worst practice of honor killing still exists in our society . How insane is it that the most of people are of the opinion that it takes place only in rural areas? Unfortunately, the urban society is also said to be the safe heaven for such social evil. In contrast to rural, the only difference in uraban honor killing is that they( the urban dwellers) become successful to give it the colour of suicide , casuality or an accidental demise. Honor killing is the murder of a women or girl by male family members in male dominent society. The killers very often so justify their actions by claiming that the victim has brought dishonor to
their family and their prestige. The fact reveals that the refusal of an arranged marriage or forced marriage often turns the cause of an honor killing. The family that has prearrenged the marriage risks disgrace if the marriage does not proceed and that betrothed is indulged in a relationship with other individual without prior knowledge to the family members results in killing in the name of hinor. Suchaggressive , ill educated and emotional decisions pave the way ultimately to aggressive actions . In rural areas , women are considered nothing but just a commodity . This ill treatment is owing to the dearth ofeducation . And the fact of matter is this that majority of people in our society stand miles away from
education , knowldge and awareness. They are too busy to get rid off their financial problems , getting education has never been their priority . They live such miserable life so, to win the bread and butter is the only headach of lower middle class people. We need to do one thing in order to bring an end to all kind of social evils and this could be done by educating the masses. No evil could be delt or eliminated with out the beacon of education. Woefully, the education can not be given priority over poverty. The souls dying of hunger may not be ready to get education . Hence, eliminate poverty to clear the way for education and by getting education , you could kill the evil of honor killing.


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