Blood relations are benediction


Farhana Kaleem
The HEC LAT test ( Law admission test) was conducted by ETC on 5th of September , 2020 ,In morning  and evening two shift’s. This was the second test of year 2020, as ETC schedules three tests per year for desired candidates.In comparison with all other previous tests of year; 2018, 19 and 2020 , this was toughest among all conducted tests till to day.As an aspirant i will blame HEC for their very poor conduct policy, though i have attended it well but might not get expecting results as per my struggle.It contained
many mistakes, to which i will name a blunder with aspirants; for instance, not a single question was there relating Pakistan studies; while the syllabus issued to students via mail or website included at least 10 question from Pakistan studies. The 2nd flaw was in General knowledge portion, it contained more question from science rather then current affair’s and crucial information ,nor included questions related to important facts and figures.More ever absence of preposition or grammatical questions from English portion.Overall the test was prepared above the level of an intermediate student.It doesn’t mean that no one would clear it, surely, most of us might pass it out easily but ,definitely they would be those who expected about 90’s score. In short , the pattern or the types of questions asked in all other past papers , were not matching this conduct.In last i on my personal behalf and on the behalf of every aspirant looks forward to educational system and appeals chairman HEC to review the syllabus and
conduct ahead. Further to investigate and tackle this unprecedented issue. Imagine, what If God had not created relations like parants, siblings, uncles, cousin brothers or sisters? The life would have been colourless, pale and almost devoid of joy, love and affection. Its beauty of relations that we remain ready to scrifice our all the precious belonging for the sake of our families. The importance of blood relations could have been best described by those who crave for relation but pass lonely , isolated and life without any relation. It will be pertinent to say that the best of all relations after mother is that of sister. Its believed that the love of sister is deeper than oceans, higher than mountains , sweetest than honey. In fact, the relation of siblings is the symbol of love , care association and life lasting bond .
Islam presents best pictures of blood relation as the love of prophet as a father for his daughter janab_e Fatima ( khatoone-janat) was best of all the examples presented in the annals of history. janabe zainab.s.a , the brave daughter of Imam Ali a.s proved to be brave sister of brave brother who taught every one about how to love your brother. History witnessed that there were many conspiracies made to kill hazrat yahya and same was the destiny of Imam Hussain a.s . Hazrat yahya was executed with no mercy , his head was cut off as that of Imam Hussain a.s but there was no one behind Hazrat yahya a.s to mourn due to lack of heirs. Hazrat yahya had no sister to grieve his demise.
Simultaneously, nobody would have remembered karbala and event of martyrdome of imam Husssin , if he had no blood relation like his son zainalabdeen and his sister in particular janabe Zainab s.a to expose the tyrany of yazid . Today the martyrdom of imam Hussain a.s i still remembered in every nook and corner of world even after 1400 years is the magic of blood relation and love of sister with his brother. The lesson learnt is this that we all should respect our blood relations . At times ,we people forget to
pay the attention towards our close relations . Resultantly, we loose our beloved one's because of ego and hsughtiness. At number of places, prophet has taught the lesson to be good with your families. In contrast to it, we send our old parents to old age homes because we have no time for those who are reason of our every breath. All that we have is the result of the prayers of our parents. We must not
forget that every thing should be initiated and done for family . Family comes first , other relations are conditional, fake and temporary. Love your family before its too late.


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