Blasphemy of Holy Book


Abdul Sattar Tunio
The recent incident of blasphemy of holy book in norway has excuciated millions of muslims . Indeed, It has badly agonized the sentiments of muslim ummah. The event has been condemned and declared reprehensive by the pack of intellectuals and religious scholars of all the major religions of the world.
The holy book is sacred book of muslims . The religion for muslims has hight rate of sesitivity unlike the followers of other religions.The nonmuslim should avoid doing anything on the basis of freedom of speec . Yet , there are some sensitivities for people of every religion , caste and creed. As holocaust for jews has sensitivity. One's religiin is sacred for people be they christians, hindus, budhists, jews etc . This is matter which has to be delt with lot of respect . Blasphemy of holy Quran can never be tolerated
by any single muslim This sudden and sad news that came from Norway, where a lady made blasphemy of Quran has created sheer amount of anguish and distress. A Muslim dislikes such things against their religion and wants others to follow the same .We Pakistani strongly condemn this act and demand that the culprits must be delt according to the rule of law. The muslim ummah is on one page to face anything that comes against their religion and faith. Moreover, . We should boycott the products , stop trade and finish all kind of relations with norway , if they refuse to take legal action against the the offender. -(-The writer is a columnist Mirokhan, Sindh )


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