AJK PM pays rich tributes, to martyrs, ghazis for offering supreme sacrifices of their lives for the country’s defense


Altaf Hamid Rao.


MIRPUR (AJK):  (Parliament Times)    Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan Sunday paid glowing tributes to the martyrs of the valiant armed forces of Pakistan for offering supreme sacrifices of their lives offered for the defense of the motherland.

Speaking as chief guest at a ceremony held to mark the defense day of Pakistan in the State’s metropolis, he said the Pakistan Army has given unparalleled sacrifices and demonstrated unprecedented spirit of courage and commitment for the defense of Pakistan and AzadJammu Kashmir.

The Prime Minister said that supreme sacrifices offered by our heroes for the defense of mother land against aggression of the enemy is an unforgettable example in history and will be remembered till the Day of Judgment.

The Prime Minister drew the attention of the international community towards the gruesome human rights violations and Indian government plan to give citizenship to 15 lakh non state actor in occupied Kashmir to change the demography of the state He said Indian has started undeclared war under a planned policy against Pakistan and called upon the political parties of Pakistan and other institutions to realize the gravity of the situation obtaining in occupied Kashmir and take practical steps to foil the nefarious designs of Indian government.

Paying rich tributes to the great sacrifices of unarmed people of occupied Kashmir who have been fighting for their right to self determination, he said that use of continued violence and repressions cannot suppress the voice of Kashmiri people.

“They have been giving matchless sacrifices in men and material to become a part of Pakistan and fighting against the third biggest military power of the world”, he added.

He assured the people of occupied Kashmir that they are not alone in their struggle but the people of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan are with them in their struggle for right to self determination and struggle of Kashmiri people will not be allowed to go waste.

The Prime Minister asked the youth to prepare themselves to fight against any kind of aggression from India. The function was attended by the chairman of the implementation commission, secretaries to the government and a large number of the people belonging to the cross section of society.


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