Deliberate slowdown of the automobile industry

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Shahryar Khan Baseer P. Engr
The Pakistan automobile sector comically says they expect growth in their sector in the coming months, while greatly increasing their prices over the past five months. Are the leaders of this sector having a laugh? How can they even think that their sales will increase with increasing prices? The reality of the automobile sector is this, only 6% of Pakistan’s population own vehicles, Pakistan does not manufacture 100% locally, Pakistan does not export vehicles, in fact, second-hand vehicles are regularly imported and considered better than local vehicles. The prices of vehicles in Pakistan is higher than other subcontinent
countries and the quality is much lower with no emphasis and checking of vehicle safety. Even after operating for decades with local industries, the automobile manufacturers have been able to produce and sell the maximum number of vehicles (+250,000) in one year during Ex-President Musharraf time when he had reduced the price of vehicles to its lowest levels. This means that the only way the automobile industry can increase sales and exports is by reducing its product prices. But in Pakistan, this sector is doing the opposite and has increased its prices by more than 150% since Musharraf’s time.
Therefore I think the Government should review and audit the costs of this industry and verify the statements the automobile manufacturing association regularly makes in Public. Because their statements and actions are opposite to each other and it seems that there is a deliberate slow down of the automobile industry.

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