Several booked for fanning sectarian hatred on social media


Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK):   (Parliament Times)  The district administration here has taken stringent notice of fanning sectarian hatred through uploading and sharing the highly objectionable material on the part of certain mischievous and unscrupulous elements on the social media in the district and rounded up certain such elements after booking them under the concerned laws registering cases in different police stations, it was official said.

According to an AJK govt. handout issued by Mirpur Divisional office of the PID Azad Jammu Kashmir, the immediate emergent step has been taken to discourage emerging of the environment of religious and sectarian tension besides the creation of any law and order situation.

The handout continued that the Mirpur Deputy Commissioner / District magistrate Raja Tahir Mumtaz Khan took strong notice of the prevailing situation when certain persons, sans due knowledge vision, were found uploading and sharing posts and comments containing controversial and sectarian hatred, belonging to various sects, on various means of social media including face book, Watsapp etc. which lead to spread the menace of sectarianism posting great threat to the peace and order in the area.

Keeping in view of the fast deteriorated situation, the DC has warned all the unscrupulous elements prevailing in the Mirpur district population to refrain from uploading, sharing or commenting on any kind of sectarian material on the social media. The local population including the social media users have been advised to contact the concerned local law enforcement authorities for legal and punitive action against any sharers of the objectionable material of sectarian hatred and unrest, for onward legal proceeding against such elements, the handout added.