Importance of pure water


Irfan Meer Ahmed Brohi;
Three things of city Shikarpur are famous sweets, pickle and water not only in Sindh but also in whole Pakistan. Some people say that the sweet and good water of Shikarpur is the gift from Allah Almighty. sweet water is short in several cities of sindh. some cities of Sindh use to buy water with money. Once upon a time, people gave water of Shikarpur as a gift to their beloved ones and their officers.but, it is sad to say that today we Shikarpuris our self have been protesting for sweet water. According to law, that government should provide the things of eating and pure water, because pure water is essential for
our good health, but it is regret to say that the government has become failed continuously. And We have been suffering from so many diseases to get unpurifie water that is why pure water is must for us. It is requested to Government of Sindh that kindly Solve above mentioned problems. 1.Make new ditches out of city for polluted water 2. Eridicate the all illegal occupies upon severage water and make them neat and clean. 3. Open Tube wells as quick as possible which are closed. 4.And take an action against those who leave their polluted water in Beghari Canal.