Name Muhammad khan;
In order to consider the important of a Good Governance.
First we must  define the word *Governance* itself.
Governance means to administer , manage  and to  rule the country is known as a Governance. There is increasing and greater world wide focus on good governance with organisation’s being forced to become more transparent regarding their operating practice and governance. Whatever be the definition of a Good Governance making the government responsive to the needs of people is it’s single most ingredients.
As the matter of fact the good governance consists of four important components.
These are as under!!!
4=along with effective judicial system.
Thus this is only the responsibility of a better governance. Good governance does not mean to enjoy the perks and privileges  associated with the posts .
Good Governance leads  to cease the barbarity, corruption , poverty, nepotism,  extortion, unemployment, delaying of justice, debacle of fragile  economy, downfall of education .Indeed,  It ought to promote quality  education , rule of law, political stability, peace of mind, civic sense, humanity , equal opportunities for all the citizens . Means, such  system which paves the way for smooth running of affairs is said to be good governance.
Moreover, there are many benefit’s of a Good Governance.
According to my opinion , in our country good governance is long cherished but unfulfilled dream. The above mentioned all attributions of good governance have no space in our crippling democracy. .
Good Governance is actually honesty with the people and his own homeland.But our country is faced with numerous pensive problems mentioned above.If we peep in the gloomy history of country , all who came in power , looted the country with full fervor and  honesty . its our ill fate to have failed to produce the candid and truthful fellow , who may have  taken the country out of mess.
The leaders who were given chance were very honest in one thing and that was corruption and making money alone .

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