Validity of committee report

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Eimaad Ahsan
Some more details have now become available about how the art works of internationally
acknowledged artist, writer and poet AnwarJalal Shemza , which were on PNA Permanent Collection for 35 years, were handed over to an unknown lady whose antecedents were only known to the incumbent PNCA lady Director General last month during my another visit to the National Art Gallery/PNCA out of sheer inquisitiveness. This is what information I managed to gather during the visit.The lady DG on joining the PNCA early this year had not lost time in doing what she was tasked for. The massive damage was done to the PNCA art treasure on the basis of recommendations of a committee constituted couple
of months back by her with some specific tasks. The committee reportedly was appointed with the approval of the Federal Education Minister Mr Shafqat Mehmood, who holds additional charge of the Culture Ministry and had reportedly endorsed her proposal to return Anwar Jalal Shemza’s art works to his heirs who were sleeping for years together. What is all the more strange, shocking and surprising is that committee report a was signed by the members on separate dates and not collectively. Lady DG had acted upon the recommendations of her own choice even before it was signed by the chairman of
the committee and more importantly seen and signed by the Minister Incharge. Does not this all make everything doubtful which the lady DG has done on the basis of committee’s report validity of which itself is questionable as it was acted upon even before being signed by its chairman, please ? Thanks.


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