Redundant Social Networking leads to Fiasco


Moosa Panhwar
As our people have overheard, excessively using of everything is nasty and nevertheless they belief this quote. Though, they didn’t follow. One of the first-rate example of it is, “Redundant Social Networking” which may declared as screen addiction. We have observed, this excessive social networking is leading us to the plethoric anxiety, depression, pessimism, gloom, sorrow and e.t.c. People get gloomed when they glimpse any kind of brutality concerned with their religion, laws, humanity and others. Moreover, it is truly said, too much screen is harmful, it makes our eyesight debilitated on the strength of it’s
harmful rays, and our body gets exhaustion. As, when we use mobile phone, our intention is at particularly one thing that is mobile phone, and body is in the same place for hours. Mainly, this ensue with today’s youth. They are not getting their body exercised in proper way. Secondly, when they go for something essential, their mind has clogged up below the names of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tinder and further. By the same token, our youth couldn’t get good marks in their exams owing to redundancy in social networking.