Accountability and Naya Pakistan


Sanaullah Kalwar
In Pakistan blaming every politician for corruption has become custom now. Almost every politician has been victim of it. Since Pakistan Tehreek e insaf has came into power it’s been famously known for “NRO nahi denge” won’t give NRO to any politician. They started criticizing the previous governments for damaged economy, low GDP, unemployment and corruption. When Prime Minister Imran Khan took oath of his office celebrations by his party likewise as followers begin, they believed that count had started now towards the achievement of “Corruption free Pakistan” a dream about which their leader
had been asking repeatedly in election campaign and ralies. As accountability may be a good sign for strong democracy, people throughout Pakistan supported the move. But unfortunately, it resulted in an exceedingly political victimization instead of accountability. Every opposition leader has been victim of it. Therefore PTI Should revisit its policies, speeches and manifestos during which they talked about accountability across the board.