The key to real estate success

Syed Zohaib Ahmed
We mustn’t get annoyed if the Saudis are willing to either deepen or enhance their commercial ties with India, or for that matter, the UAE willing to take the plunge for a new strategic relationship with Israel; these are the prerogative of these states or for that matter any state in today’s self-centred, self- preservation based ‘international order’. Obviously, ‘international relations’ is not still-waters. It’s never been like that. It’s a phenomenon marked by continuous changes & developments, with nations
upgrading and downgrading their ties based on mutual interests, etc. Having said that, we should pursue the issue of I.I.O.K. as diplomatically and pragmatically as we can, without leaving our key allies in a sudden lurch or tailspin. Our main allies since the last seven decades are known to be the US, UK, KSA, UAE, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, PRC, and Japan. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Imran Khan performed the ground-breaking of Korang Bridge-PWD Interchange at Islamabad Expressway and Rawal Dam Chowk Interchange. This particular project was one of several infrastructural projects for twin cities for
which funds were allocated from the budget of the fiscal year 2020-21. Other projects include the construction of 10th Avenue and Rs300 million for the flyover and approaches at Railway Lines Sihala. Road infrastructure is the key to any development project success. The access and entrance to any society is important to determine the cost, value and reselling of property. Real estate projects located around or beside any major roads are always high-value projects.

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