Skirmishes over ladakh

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Zahoor Abbas Samo
Fresh clashes between India, China as PLA troops carry out provocative movements in Ladakh. According to most recent reports, One Indian army captain and 10 soldiers are killed by Chinese army in Ladakh.Whereas, aroun 25 indian soldiers were made prisoners after being injured. This is how easily the China power is slowly capturing the Ladakh border. and the Indian Army still does not understand what is happening with it . So, China is moving forward to capture more land.. once again putting Indian army on back foot & media as usual trying it's best to hide the matter but NDTV which is blamed to be anti state for being unbiased broke the news about ladakh The situation of Indian army ssems vulnerable and watchable after china captured the Southern end of Panngong lake. India always pokes her nose every where . Resultanly , very often so , she is badly humiliated. Ladakh is the integral part of China. India shouldn't waste it's precious resources to fight the all-powerful Dragon! It's in their best interest. Meanwhile, India accuses China of 'provocative' military movements Near Hamalayan Border (Disputed Territory of the State of Jammu & Kashmir Wa Aksai-e-Tibatha) India says it has foiled Chinese attempt to change the status quo on their disputed area but China denies the claim. Moreover, Its time for india to focus on the Ladakh conflict which has been going on for months, instead of torturing Indian Muslims and raining pellet guns on innocent children in Kashmir. The slogan "We will infiltrate and kill" is nowhere to be seen. Indeed, its right time for India to withdraw its troops from
kashmir and China-India Border in order to avoid further escalation" – Its PLA Western Theater Commander's suggestion. One doesn't need to be a Muslim to protest against fascist Modi's blockade & brutality in Kashmir. One Just needs to be a " human " to stand against this holocaust. Right now India is like a cat on hot bricks in ladakh. Its nothing but retribution (makafate- amal) so, face the music.

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