Pulses Seminar will provide an opportunity to observe pulses crop and work for its development; Chairman PARC


Islamabad:  (Parliament Times)   Spanning eight days long travelling seminar for “Kharif Pulses (Mash, Mungbean, Lobia)” in various ecological zones of Punjab and KP Provinces is being inaugurated by PARC yesterday. Organized under the PSDP project titled “Promotion
Research for Productivity Enhancement in Pulses” that is primarily, focusing on learning
issues, new varieties appraisal, and develop new research ideas about pulses.
According to a press release issued by PARC, these seminars provide an interactive platform to the participants to exchange outstanding ideas and learning from expert breeders and other senior scientists. Such travelling seminars are organized in order to facilitate agri. scientists to get conversant with new technology, and specifically the adoption of advanced agricultural technologies in pulses production.
The Chairman was also of the view that Pulses Travelling Seminars give us an opportunity to raise awareness about how pulses provide nutritional development and are a very much a part of sustainable food production aimed at food security and nutrition.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Joyia, National Coordinator / Project
Director (Pulses) said that this Seminar also incorporated to keep the positive momentum
surrounding these healthy, nutritious, protein-rich, nitrogen-fixing legumes. Keeping in view the importance of diseases in Kharif pulses and to adopt strategies for their control will also be discussed in these Seminars. The participants will discuss introduction of new varieties, sowing method, use of balance fertilizers, seed quantity, irrigation, weed control and seed storage method.