Ghulam Mustafa Baladi
PTI and PPP are always seen in the clash since the beginning of PTI's government. Even at initial time of COVID-19, PTI and PPP were not seen at the same platform which caused many hurdles in controlling the virus. This time monsoon season has ruined the map of the country but media is biased an  highlighting only Karachi's situation and holding Sindh government responsible for everything. Media should also highlights the situation in Lahore and other cities of the provinces which are ruined by Monsoon. Our media is busy in criticizing only Sindh Government for having worst infrastructure in the
Karachi region but in actual, majority of the MNA, MPA's and Local Government body of the city belongs to the federal ruling parties MQM-P and PTI. Each of the UC of the Karachi gets 5 lacs per month budget, from which almost 2.5 lacs are the salary of the employees but who is accountable of rest of the budget. Monsoon has also shown the visible apathy of the local government body of the city who has done
nothing for the betterment of the city. Morethan 50 people died in the city due to unstoppable rain but PTI and MQM-P instead of working with Provincial government of PPP, they are busy in blaming them for everything happening currently in the city. The apex leadership of PTI and MQM should also ask their MNA’s, MPA’s and local government members of their party and hold them accountable of the budget they have been allocated for the development of the metropolitan city. CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah with his team members seems very active in this rainy season, he was taking every possible measure for the Karachities. If the Federal Government has to do something better for the people of Karachi, they have to work on the same platform with the Provincial government of PPP.


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