Ignoring print media not advisable


M.Z. Rifat
Lately there has been growing trend both in the public sector and the private sector people to give preference to the electronic media as more and more tv channels are being launched over the print media. This is not advisable at all and this scribe may even dare to say this is quite foolish thing to do without caring plus and minus points of both . There is hell of a difference in the impact which the print and the electronic media have on the readers and viewers across the country. The impact of the print media is lasting and accessible as and when a newspaper reader has got spare time to go through the
editorials and columns after having read the news in the morning. As compared to this, tv channels impact is just short lived and for few minutes at the most . How many people have access to tv channels as compared to newspapers ? Furthermore, PTI and its federal government has host of media advisors whose performance leaves much to be desired to say the least. They are more attracted to tv channels because their faces also appear on the screens. And next day, there is not a single word in the newspapers . They are rendering no service whatsoever either to the party or to the federal
government. PTI had completed its two years in power last month. Was any booklet was compiled to provide facts and figures and highlighting achievements of the federal government ? There was none. The other day, PM Imran Khan granted two hours long interview to a private tv channels. The media advisors did not bother to provide a comprehensive story to the newspapers. Why PM is not advised go
grant such interviews to leading Urdu and English newspapers, please?