Honoring Abdul Qadir

Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
One of the greatest leg spinners of all time, Abdul Qadir, who passed away last year, has been awarded the Sittara-e-Imtiaz by the honourable President. Qadir has been awarded in recognition of his remarks le services in the field of sports. Qadir was considered the leading leg spinner of his era, who paved the way for others in One day cricket. By performing magnificently in the middle overs of the game, he made international cricketers realize the importance of a leg Spinner in ODI cricket. He also rendered his services as the chief selector of Pakistan team, the team selected by him won T-Twenty
World Cup in 2009 under the captaincy of Yonus Khan. He was a strict man who always wanted merit to prevail in the selection process of the team. On his demise, his colleagues, including Prime minister Imran Khan and many international cricketers, paid him homage with a heavy heart and called him a Magician of Spin Bowling.

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