Sardar Muhammad Masroof Khan Advocate nominated as President of Insaf Lawyers Forum Islamabad .


ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times): Chairman Justice Lawyers Forum Pakistan Barrister Syed Ali Zafar  issued a notification  nominated  Sardar Muhammad Masroof Khan Advocate as President and  Syed Wajahat Bukhari Advocate as General Secretary for Insaf Lawyers Forum Islamabad.
The cabinet has 109 lawyers. In which 23 senior vice presidents and 38 vice presidents were nominated. Insaf Lawyers Forum Islamabad .
Advocate Sardar Muhammad Masroof Khan  said that he was grateful to the Chairman, Barrister Syed Ali Tafar, who considered me worthy to fulfill this important responsibility. I would also like to thanks Mr. Niazullah Khan Niazi, Advocate General Islamabad, Mr. Malik Naveed Sohail, Convener, Mr. Rashid Hanif, Mr. Anis Hashmi, Additional Advocate General and especially my brother Atiq-ur-Rehman Siddiqui and Brother Razaullah Niazi Advocate whose The efforts made possible the notification of a  Justice Lawyers Forum Islamabad.