Rashid Minhas source of great inspirstion for generations to come

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The only pilot to receive the highest valour award, the Nishan-e-Haider was Rashid Minhas . He was also the youngest person and the shortest- serving officer to have received this award. Minhas was fascinated with aviation history and technology in early age. He would always collect different models of aircraft and jets for they pleased him the most . His father, Majeed Minhas, wanted his son, Rashid, to follow his step by attending the engineering university and strongly desired for his son to gain a degree in engineering after finishing his high schooling in Karachi.Against the wishes of his father, Rashid entered in the PAF School in Lower Topa in 1968, completing his military training at the Pakistan Air
Force Academy in 1969.During the routine training mission in August 1971, P/Off. Minhas attempted to gain control of his jet trainer when his commanding officer Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman was trying to defect to India to join Liberation war of Bangladesh and deliberately commandeer his plane that crashed near the Thatta District, Sindh in Pakistan. There is great lesson of patrioism taught by young officer. Unfortunately, today's youth has no vission as that of Rashid minhas. The young generation of present era is often found engaged in cell phone exploiting social medis e.g playing video games like
pubG, using instagram, FB , tikto and various such apps which help them waste time and energy . What to talk of serving nation and country , the youth of today shows no seriousness about their future endeavours. For being successful , we need to follow the footsteps of our heros. New generation has to wakeup from deep slumber of sloth in order to serve the country . The real dream is that which does not allow you to sleep . Lets promise to live the life like our heros so as to serve the nation.

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