Imran not to be allowed to become Hitler of Pakistan: Ahsan Iqbal


ISLAMABAD:   PML-N general secretary Ahsan Iqbal has said Imran Khan will not be allowed to become Hitler in Pakistan in the name of FATF.

“Pakistan will not be allowed to be turned into fascist state in the name of FATF. Imran Khan will not be allowed to become Hitler of Pakistan in the name of FATF too”, he said this while talking to media men outside Accountability Court (AC) here Wednesday.

“It was my 7th appearance in the court after my bail today. NAB seeks new date on every hearing on different pretexts. On the other hand NAB takes stance in Supreme Court (SC) that accountability courts don’t decide the cases therefore, delay is taking place. But NAB requires time to fabricate lie therefore, it seeks new date every time”, he underlined.

“I will commit the offence of providing world standard facilities to youths repeatedly. Is issuing the liquor permit correct and building sports infrastructure corruption”, he questioned.

Communication minister should tell where the JIT which was constituted one and half year before has gone”, he questioned.

Even not the J of JIT has come to fore. There is only one agenda of government that opponents should be subjected to character assassination, he remarked.

He held opposition is seeking no NRO from Imran Khan. Jahangir Khan was allowed to escape in the darkness of night. Then you had given NRO to him.

“ you removed health minister from his post in medicines scam but you gave him party slot. This way you gave him NRO”, he added.

Imran Niazi gave NRO TO sugar mafia, he alleged.

Citing to the bills rejected in Senate, he said Pakistan would not be allowed to be turned into a fascist state.

Former interior minister said that opposition did not defeat FATF but it defeated such a system which government wanted to bulldoze.