Disappointing performance by Pak

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Haani Mustafa
A Great player is of no use if he can't capitalize on a huge first innings lead. Pakistan Cricketers are of no use now since, they do not play cricket with heart and soul. It is quit visible from their performance that they play for their survival, no single player thinks to make the most of his potencies for his country. They just pay formality whenever they get a chance to play on pitch. They do not think to stay on pitch due to dearth of temperament and patience. The strength of pakistan was their bowling attack but they have started playing on back foot leaving their agressive style for which they were famous. They do not
do bouncers as we're done in past' they do not bat as players did in past , 'they do not field as fielding was done in past . We miss players like Saeed Anwar, waseem Akram, Waqar younis, Inzmamul haque, M. Yousif, shoib akhtar etc. Who single handadly made pakistan win even impossible matches. In batting line we miss misbah ul Haq too. He was most impressive with bat . PCB is demurely suggested
to teach the players to play for their country . Exempt them from the fear of being excluded from the team . with fear , they can never give their best . Encourage players and save cricket .

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