Closing NAB would be equivalent to legitimize corruption in country: Ch Sarwar



Lahore: Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that Public support is with the government not with opposition. He said that NAB cannot be closed if the opposition wants to bring reforms they should do it through Parliament. Prime Minister Imran Khan is a man of principles and he will not compromise on principles at any cost. Compromise on accountability and transparency is out of question, he added. He gave these remarks in a meeting with Provincial Minister for Energy Dr Akhtar Malik in Governor House. Both leaders also exchanged views on various national and political matters.

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that accountability is necessary for the country. If NAB is closed as per the demand of opposition, it would be like legitimizing corruption in the country, he said. He said that the public should bring suggestions regarding reforms in Parliament rather than taking to streets. Legislation is done through Parliament, he said. Governor Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar said that corruption is the root cause of many problems in Pakistan therefore it is necessary to root out corruption from the country. Governments do not interfere in any institute including NAB. In fact, we are strengthening institutions by eliminating interference from them. Opposition should support the government in strengthening national institutes, he said.

Governor Punjab said that the priority of our policies is to provide relief to the public. We are ensuring meritocracy and introducing reforms in institutions. Our focus is to bring long term stability in Pakistan. Government has saved the economic downturn by making some difficult decisions. Pakistan’s global image is improving day by day, he said. He further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s smart lock down policy proved to be successful in containing Coronavirus spread in the country but we have not completely defeated Corona. Public should continue observing the government SOPs to prevent the spread of Coronavirus during Muharam. We all have to defeat Coronavirus by strictly following the SOPs, he said.