Re: The decline of Muslim Ummah


Nazir Ahmed Kubar
After, snatching independence status from Kashmiri Muslims by revoking the article 370 and 35 A , the 13th August is another blot on entire Muslim ummah because the heterogeneous UAE has commenced the peace deal with Israel at the risk of Palestine liberation on the say of USA. But it's more painful that none of Muslim state, "except the Turkey and Iran," has condemned this deal publicly.There would have been enough impact upon west and anti- Muslim states, if Saudi Arabia, ( the center of Muslim block) and only nuclear power ( Pakistan) , would have boycotted or even opposed UAE for this deal.The Muslims have been victims of atrocities of anti-muslim block.The regular casualties in Palestine, Indian occupied Kashmir, Syria and Iraq are much panic and unbearable.The Palestinian and Kashmiri Muslims are at the verge of destruction, but unfortunately yet our heads are running behind geo-political and socio- economical development.Presently, Islam phobia(a propaganda) is on it's peak and yet we are
insisting to have friendly relations with our enemies.Yet we have not forgotten the illegal occupation of Gaza strip and Golan heights by Israel, the illegal siege in holy place "Baitul-Muqadas"by Zionist Jews, repatriation of Rohingia Muslims by Judaism, debris of such bloodshed in IOK and the most heart wrenching is Muslims worship's places being barred in India.All of this is, because we have commenced to live on our knees than to die on our feets. We Muslims have become enemies of our fellow muslim. All these Victims upon us are only possible, when disunity among us bulges, when we divides
single ummah into several sect's and when we begins a dog and cat's life.The most important is , we are fading the concept of one ummah day by day by doing like that.The pain of loss by one Muslim is always deeply felt by another during the life of Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) , and continues even after by his predecessor.It is hurting to say that examples seen in the near past are very gloom for Muslim ummah Unite and tie fellow Muslims in the time of juncture , otherwise the Muslims shall lag
behind in the world helplessly. Whereas, holy prophet said:"There will come a time for my ummah , when their rulers will be cruel, their scholars will be greedy and have little piety, their worshippers ( will act) hypocritically, their merchants will commit usury and conceal the defects of their buying and selling , and their women will be busy with ornaments of world. Hence at the time, the most vicious of them will dominate over them and their good doer's will invocate but they will not be answered. To
conclude, disunity and disintegration is the cause of fall of Muslim Ummah.