NKIDMC saves industrialists from trouble by timely drainage of rainwater



Karachi: North Karachi Industrial Development & Management Company (NKIDMC), has saved the industrialists and workers from major difficulties by timely drainage of rain water at the entrance point to the industrial area as a result of recent torrential rains. Same as, K-Electric also ensured uninterrupted power supply to industries despite torrential rains and any fault were rectified immediately.

In a statement, NKIDMC said that due to heavy rains, knee-deep water had accumulated at Godhra Chowk, the main entrance to the North Karachi Industrial Area, making it was very difficult for industrialists & workers to reach their factories.

“Due to non-cleaning of the drain, 4 feet of rain water had accumulated at Godhra Chowk and the filling of the drain had caused water to stagnate on the industrial area and surrounding roads, making it impossible for vehicles to pass”, NKIDMC added. While water had also entered the surrounding shops, the North Karachi Industrial Development and Management Company, with its help, not only cleaned the drain at Godhra Chowk with heavy machinery but also made it possible to drain rainwater.

At the same time, increase the drainage capacity in the drain so that in case of further rains, water does not accumulate. In addition, at the 12C drain was also cleared.

According to NKIDMC, due to the development work carried out in the industrial area by North Karachi Industrial Development & Management Company, water did not accumulate in the industrial area during the recent torrential rains and production activities continued as usual. NKIDMC vowed to continue to play a vital role in continuing the industrial activities