Kashmir a vexed question!


Nazir Ahmed Kubar
On Wed, Jun 24, 2020, 16:01 nazir. kubar <[email protected]> wrote: Since the separation of united India into two parts , as Pakistan and India ,Kashmir had remained a bone of contention between two traditional rivals.Primarily , it has been conflict between Pakistan and india but China also play a third party role over this Kashmir conflict .Over this little state of Jammu and Kashmir , both countries have escalated into three military wars .Indeed, every time Pakistan had called India and world great
powers including various international organizations to resolve the issue through table task .But unfortunately , patience or tolerance could not give independence to million Kashmiri’s .Million innocents had lost their lives , human rights have been extremely violated over this region of Jammu and Kashmir .Is it a question mark upon UNO ? definitely UNO and world biggest powers had failed to save the humans. Justice delayed is a justice denied .More ever , Kashmir is not a piece of cake to be gifted , but it is the garden of Paradise on earth , so it exhaust bloodshed .To conclude , Freedom is conquest not gifted , as it is well said that : if you want peace be prepared for war .So Kashmir , needs a war to be conquered or a war is needed to remove a word conflict beside Kashmir.