Covid 19 & multifarious issues

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Fawad Hussain Samo
Despite the fact that in the near past there are multifarious issues existing since recent months like coronavirus pandemic situation, hike price, wheat crisis, wheat stashing, hoarders and profiteers, bribe, petrol crisis and now disappearance of medicines and street crimes on the roads. But these all the issues are to be addressed by the present government. Close coordination and understanding the nature of problems needed to control and address them in respective provinces. The federal and the provincial
governments will have to concentrate on the prevailing issues in the country. Collective efforts can fight a war against corona pandemic and issues bump into by the government. Political point scoring statements must be avoided to get unity in the country against the current state of affairs. In the beginning of covid 19, on 26 February 2020, the first case of covid19 appeared the politicians, in the government or in the opposition, waged a political tug of war against each other on the Covid19 pandemic situation which was a deplorable situation to defeat coronavirus. There is a price hike issue, all the commodities such as fruits, vegetables and other edible things are having sky touching prices.
Profiteers and hoarders are at large to play with the people of Pakistan as they used to be in the past. Petrol price reduction gave no benefit to the people in the country so far. However, the price of petrol went up without providing any relief to the people. Moreover daily basis prices of edible things and petroleum have not been under control to relieve the poor in the country. A smile, on the countenance of the poor, because of less expensive things has disappeared and the people have fallen to depression.
There are street and social crimes increasing day by day in the country. All essential items such as personal protective equipment, N95 Mask, Surgical Mask, Ventilators and sanitizers and security for doctors at all hospitals in the country are demanded . Cleanliness and Proper arrangements and basic facilities are required to be made at all hospitals and quarantine centers. Safety measures to be ensured to save the lives of all the frontline workers such as doctors, paramedical staff, nurses, police and rangers personnel that have been rendering their services for fight against covid 19 to win. All the big cities of Pakistan, which are hotspots, need to be disinfected from covid19 hazard. There is a flour
and sugar crisis in the country. There is also a wheat crisis or stashing or hoarding any edible commodity. Due relief is the fundamental right of the people to be provided to the Farmers, laborers, daily wagers, barbers, tailors, running donkey cards, Rickshaws drivers, and shopkeepers in the country. In this pandemic situation the government is in constant touch with people to convince them to follow S.O.Ps to get rid of coronavirus. All the people who are in smart lock down areas must be provided ration at their doorstep. In addition to that the issue of all private schools for reopening has been lingering in the country. The private teachers working in the private schools have also not been paid their salaries. All
the students, in all educational institutions, though have been promoted either failure or pass last year yet are worried about their studies. Online classes cannot be availed by all students as there are the problems such as the internet and electricity problems are the great hurdle in online classes. Education which is considered as the foundation and fundamental element in the development and progress of any nation should be on top priority. There is a water shortage in many big cities. Though it was locked
down yet there was power outage in all big cities, towns and villages as well. All the claims and promises, made by each and every politician, are needed to be fulfilled by the provincial and federal governments.

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