Aamir Khan


Zahoor Abbas Samo

Why indians are so biased full of prejudice and always ready to entitle the muslims as anti state as witnessed during Aamir Khan's meeting the First Lady of Turkey Emine Erdogan makes him anti national. But Modi's meeting with Turkish president were termed as India's strongest foreign policy. This logic is beyond the capabilities of a normal human brain. Khan met the Turkish first lady to raise water awareness, not realizing water was raising inches away behind him . Earlier Mr. Khan Refused to join Nationalist Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu when he was in Mumbai owing to some personal
reasons. However, all hindus having got together, united have called for the boycott of Aamir Khan & chinese products. The boycott does not include movies alone but all brands endorsed by him are said to be spurned. I don’t understand the outrage on meeting of Aamir Khan with the Erdogan 's wife He was shooting in turkey, every actor visits head of state where they are shooting to get ease in approvals . Since bollywood muslim actors are quite famous in the world so as in Turkey also . Specially khans… Hence, it's obvious that the first lady of turkey would invite you just the way priyanka chopra was invited to meet obama and modi. Nobody can afford to reject such invitations. So, indians are suggested to stop the spread of hate speech on the basis of religion , caste snd creed. Accept your heros and Stop launching new campigns agsinst muslims every day.