Letter to the editor


Equal to nothing Nobody can deny the fact the world has become a global village due to the wireless communication technologies. But unfortunately, we the people of Turbat are yet deprived from proper communicating technologies. Neither we have access to high speed internet such as, 4g or PTCL nor SIMs, (Subscriber Identity Module). There are four SIM networks available in Turbat and Warid Network is the widest one. Almost 75% of Turbatis use Warid Network, but due to the poor signal of Warid Network we are facing much difficulty contacting our family members, friends, colleagues, beloved ones
and etc. Voice stucks terribly while talking to someone, even sometimes in our conversation some other people are talking. If they are unable to avail 4g in Turbat, at least they should fix this issue so that we get a little relief. And most importantly, people are terribly converting their numbers to other Networks which can be a big lose for the shareholders of Warid Network. So they are requested to consider it. Riaz Quraish Maqsood illegal invasion of punjab policeI would like to draw the attention of concerns,
authorities that once again peace has been ruined in district Kashmore. A respectable ,humble local citizen Namely, Mr. Ihsan Khosa was unlawfully abducted from (BMP) on the ground of sindh territory. It isn’t that whether the complaint filer mentioned land dispute or something else;the most discourage thing is invasion of Punjab police in territory of Sindh. Moreover,this isn't first time that Punjab police invaded in city Kashmore unlawfully. Four civilians were killed over first light of morning,unfamiliarity by Punjab police.Abdul Qadeer Khoso Political interference Pakistan universities are ranked low because
they are controlled by the government or political establishments and not academics. Appointments for various posts are considered on the basis of political influence, caste, or corruption. Academic excellence is one of the factors for the appointment but not the main factor. There is no absence of talent in Pakistan, however, it often remains hidden behind politics. In fact, Pakistani scientists, researchers, engineers, and medical doctors have exhibited their talent in advanced countries and excelled in their fields. Education is the building block for future generations and in order to achieve a higher ranking, academics must have a free hand in the management of Universities. Shabir Jamali Construction incentives The present government has completed its second year with claims of
success and is putting the country on the right path. The statements of PM Khan’s triumph seem like a rejuvenated media projection strategy of this government, which is imperative for PTI in the backdrop of severe criticism from opposition and the public alike for not delivering. In all honesty, the last two years were economically very tough for the Pakistani nation, almost everyone felt the brunt of the price hike and non-friendly business policies of the government. If truth be told, there are still not many indicators which suggest the success of the present government as claimed by people at the helm of affairs. There is a lot to criticise, point out and correct regarding the functioning and execution of PM Khan’s
government, but it would be unfair not to mention the good things this government has done so far. The best being its bid to revive the construction industry. In principle, it was a very smart move by the government to focus on the construction industry and its allied businesses by giving them incentives, concessions and facilitating them so that this industry starts rolling and economic stalemate is reversed.
The above initiative was welcomed specially by those who were directly involved with the industry and also by the ones who were indirectly related to it.

-Chaudhry M Faraz