World without newspaper

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Mir Murtaza Jamali
Newspaper is a powerful tool that helps in circulating significant information to people around the world. It is also one of the greatest means of communication between people and the world. It is the best source of knowledge for common people, students, teachers, researchers and many more professionals. We daily get hundred and thousand news from newspaper early in the morning. It is a reliable source of information which publishes after investigating it. Newspapers are easily available in the most regions of the world. They are also very economical means providing lot of information at low cost. Most importantly, newspapers are published in multiple languages that make it easier for people
of all regions to get news in their local language. Thus, we see how newspapers have numerous advantages that help the common man stay informed of the worldly issues. As the world is advancing rapidly, everything is becoming digital. From our shopping to news, we can easily do it on our smartphones or computers. This digitalization has affected newspaper badly. As people are getting instant updates on their phones about latest news, the sales of newspapers have gone down massively. Does this mean the digital era will wipe out the newspaper? Looking at the present scenario, this possibility might soon become a reality. However, are we ready to have a world without newspapers? A
world without newspapers is like having a home without mirrors. This means we won’t be able to see out own reflection. In short, the world without newspapers will become free rein for politicians to propagate their advertising and agendas to the public. The information won’t be reliable and won’t be scrutinized. We won’t have any journalists to decipher the PR spin of the governments and corporate firms robbing the common man of their money.

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