Racism in Arab World


Sonia Magsi
Racism in Arab World has been widespread for 25 years. When it comes to the 'skin color' Arab World is badly affected by the phenomenon of Racism. Racism is an unwise problematic situation created by the Arab World and according to news reports this is happening since the last 50 years in streets, towns, institutions, and workplaces. A leading media channel TRT World conducted a report survey on this conventional crisis emerging in the Arab World in the 21st century and inclined to get mind perceptions
of affected people. The people owning black skin color with deep emotions expressed multitude of opinions regarding skin color racism. Certainly, this crisis is not novel but present since the era of Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, where blackish people were forcefully made slaves by elite and rich people. Since then, black skin color people are considered inferior to white skin color people in terms of beauty, equality, love and care as a human being. Thus, Black people are facing up inequality and inferiority issues in the Arab World since decades and from the time of their birthday. They are misnamed with heart-wrenching words such as 'blackie, black little chocolate, burnt girl, dark, dusky,
dim etc. And When they get admission in the institutions they encounter with hatred feelings by white people. Maryam Farag, A Palestinian citizen living in Gaza strip spoke on this issue and precised her feelings by highlighting her fearful childhood experience that 'I am suffering from Racism since childhood and still, there was a guy who always warned me not to touch because I'll burn him with my skin color', I applied in a company and they rejected by saying that black skin color does not fit to looks
appearance in media'. In short, Skin color Racism has caused damages to the self-respect and self- confidence of black color people residing in Palestine particularly. Racism is the worst crisis prevalent in the Arab World and it must be eliminated through spreading awarness of ;anic teachings and sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. The Prophet said "There is no superiority of Arab over Non-Arab and Non-Arab over Arab, neither black over white nor white over black, only good deeds
justify the purity of a human being.