Paris Embassy Run for Kashmir and Roshan Digital Account launched :Amjad Aziz Qazi


 Sardar Zulfiqar Aziz;

Paris,(Parliament Times): The Digital Account ‘Run for Kashmir’ and Roshan Digital were launched in Paris the other day. A detailed briefing was organised in the Embassy to explain to explain the ‘Run for Kashmir’ mobile marathon TV app and Roshan Digital Account. A big number of Pakistani – Kashmiri communities and embassy officials in Paris attended the event.
Explaining the concept of this app, Acting Ambassador M Amjad Aziz Qazi said that Virtual Race for Kashmir is an attempt to gain awareness about the atrocities of the occupying forces in Indian occupied part of Jammu Kashmir (IOJK).
He said that IOJK was under siege since Indian government had unilaterally changed its status on August 5, 2019 last year. “Our small steps enumerated through this app will go a long way in giving our Kashmiri brothers a ray of hope an courage, and that people all over the world will support their cause,” he added.
Mr Qazi called on Pakistanis and Kashmiri people to form teams and take part in the campaign , ensuring adherence to social distance guidelines to reduce the spread of the Quid 19 virus.
A presentation was also made on the “Run for Kashmir” app.
While offering the Roshan Digital Account, Mr. Charge d’Affaires said that it would usher in a new era of banking in Pakistan. He sees it as an important initiative of the State Bank of Pakistan, which will provide millions of Pakistanis with innovative banking solutions overseas, which will help them in the payment and banking business. Investment in Pakistan.
Mr Qazi said Roshan Digital Account would fully integrate Pakistani diaspora into Pakistani digital banking and payment systems, giving them access to all traditional account services, including money transfers for their families. It includes bill payment in addition to e-commerce and other payments in Pakistan, to investing in stock exchanges and fixed deposit products offered by banks.
Muhammad Yaqub, Director, National Bank of Pakistan in France, briefed the participants on the details of account opening and operation.