Books, a Source of Knowledge, Inspiration and perfection


Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan
Every civilized citizen knows best that books are a great source of knowledge, inspiration, and steering guideline, force to go ahead to work for the betterment of humanity and for oneself to come up to the norms of mankind. Books impart knowledge not to instill in mind but to act upon to accelerate ones intrinsic skills to achieve the perfection, may be the field of engineering, medical, administrative, or anyone else. There is none in the world who has reached the acme of perfection without having knowledge or skills. Even those warriors who conquered the countries or a large part of the world were not bereft of knowledge. Anyhow they excelled in one or the other field. Even those who were quite
illiterate were endowed with extraordinary skills and unprecedented human traits, which made them different and eminent from others. To ban the books, having immaculate thoughts, in fact is a confession of the fact that the ruling Junta is unable to face the truth. It is most worrisome and sensitive fact that people living in Pakistan prefer to migrate to those countries where they thrive freely to lead a life free of compulsions, prohibitive restraints by the ruling elite. People of civilized societies want mfreedom of expression, freedom to write freedom to speak the truth, freedom to work, to earn honest
livelihood, to sustain themselves and their off-springs. They want to live in a society where they can exist and thrive to meet the challenges of the times to come. It is a substantive factor behind the massive intent to have a citizenship of advanced countries, because masses believe that despite the clear fact that the country where they intend to settle themselves has different religion and different cultural values, but they are of professed belief that there would be lot of chances to express themselves, to earn freely and they will not have to face “Bhatta Mafia’s” or any other compulsive factor. This is a heart rendering fact that the citizens of a country which came into existence on the basis of a specific ideology, the principles of parity, equity, justice, fairplay, equal opportunities to thrive and
live honourable life. It is worth seeking to explore the facts, who is responsible to thwart the Islamic Ideology in Islamic state. It is strictly incumbent upon intellectuals to unveil the elements who coerce the masses to develop a thinking that they are more safe in an alien country than their own homeland.
To ban the books, the way of expression, is insidious to societal norms as well as sincere attempts to educate the people especially youth segment of society, which is a precious asset, in the time to come. Since the inception of civilized life the rights to express one’s opinion has been admitted as inalienable right of civilized life. Without writing or reading books one cannot boost one’s inner capabilities. To opine that what is wrong or the otherwise is basic human right. Without feeling or expressing truth no
society can flourish or claim to be a civilized society. What intellectuals feel by their experience, what is beneficial to humanity, they put their experiences in black and white and the later generations avail of their experiences to make the truth part of their life. Without having guideline from books one cannot even act upon principles of life. The holiest book “Quran Majeed” revealed upon the last prophet is a complete code of life for the Muslim Community. There are hundreds and thousands of sayings by the holy prophet being beacon house to lead pious, straightforward, honest and principled life, which would
entail a great reward not only in this world but the world hereafter. To ban the right of expression and manacle those who express the pure thoughts is highly condemnable. Islam endows its followers the right to express themselves freely but to promote virtue and piety, not the perverse thoughts or polluted narratives to boost vices and evils in human life. State is a most sacred institution, having four pillars supporting its structure to last long, the executive, the judiciary, the legislative and the journalism – unanimously admitted as the fourth pillar of state, without whose standing the roof of the state
cannot remain strong enough to exist. Attempts to disseminate polluted thoughts is insidious to the society as well as the state, which has the incumbency to ban the poisonous thinking to be assimilated by the juvenile, immature minds, which after lapse of time develop into act to be a passionate endeavor. Such stooges who assimilate poisonous thoughts are a constant threat to society and state, leading the state and society to perilous state. These disgruntled elements later on play with masses lives and create
the sense of insecurity and panic in society. The sense of insecurity creates law and orders issues, which is detrimental to peaceful civic life. Books disseminating polluted, sinister thoughts are required to be banned, because they create segments in society, causing decadence in state structure. Trustworthy writers always avoid to disperse thoughts leading the society to communal riots and disaster. Some self- styled intellectuals purposely want to create an acrimonious behavior against our defence force. It is an established fact that as an institution our defence forces, in trials and tribulations, have sacrificed their
lives for the protection of beloved homeland and even maintaining law and order within the boundaries, whenever state was in aukward situation or wanted their services. Irrespective of one’s individual act the defence force being responsible for state defence is the world’s most professionally acknowledged Army. Those books which purposely malign the defence forces be banned, but those ones disseminating constructive knowledge be accredited and promoted. The state should encourage the intellectuals to disseminate knowledge through writing works and libraries administration be directed to purchase one thousand books immediately after publication, to put these in public libraries for public knowledge. No
nation can thrive and move forward without education. Impeccable ideas be promoted on state level, for the best knowledge and education of society.