Worse than cruelty-Adyala Jail


Osama Hashmi
Unfortunately, I had to live seven days in Adyala prison in recent days. The way of arresting in a fake case is totally illegal but alas. The reason to share this worst experience is to highlight the bitter reality of our so called legal institutions. It is the matter of grave concern that there is not a little humanity for prisoners either they are criminal or accused only. They are being treated in an inhuman way. They are not only mentally but also physically tortured by the administration of the Adyala prison. On account of
unnecessary and extraordinary ill-treatment, a normal minded prisoner is converted to a mental one. There are many prisoners who come with a healthy mind but by ill luck they become psychiatric just because of head injury which is given to them in prison. Moreover, there is openly running corruption as ell as bribe. The luggage or money of the prisoners, do not completely deliver to them because of greedy and corrupt administrators. In a nutshell, the prisoners are being hurt and blackmailed in every perspective by the poor administration. However, there are burned some questions. First, according to
which law, the prisoners are being mentally abusing by the staff of this notorious prison? Is there any law of human rights which is being followed in this prison? Is there any governmental authority to look after rules and regulations in this prison? Consequently, the prison must like an educating institution a cause by breeding more criminals. The prisoners do have their human rights to live healthy lives in prison. The evil act of mentally persecution must be forcefully stopped. The corruption and bribe must be eradicated from the grass roots level. Otherwise, we do not deserve to talk on human rights in the worldwide.