The Plight of Muslims in India & illegali occupied Kashmir


Indian Atrocities

Fawad Hussain Samo;

Indian state terrorism is constantly in Indian occupied kashmir usual is being carried on by indian brute. Miseries of muslims in india are being increased with every passing day. Covid19 has posed a new threat to the muslims. They were restricted to put up Azan in masajid Hindu supremascist Ideology of Modi govt is prevailing india and occupied kashmir. No secularism is found as she claims to  secular state. India are walking towards a muslim holocaust. Oic condenms anti-muslims violence in kashmir. World community must take notice of Idian army atrocities in indian iok and in India. The Plight
of muslims in occupied kashmir and in india is getting worse with passing every other day in india. muslims in india are refused to be treated in hospitals on which international human rights expressed this attitude absolutely as inhuman. Muslims passing every minute of life in grave danger in india. Limited medical facilities have caused health issues for kashmiris. Shops are idenitfied to set a blaze in india and iok as well. Muslims in india who are selling vegetables door to door they are restricted to muslims confined area and restrained to sell vegetables and fruits there in hindu community areas. Hindu vegetable selling person keeps and display small flag on his pushcart to differntiate between
muslim and Hindu. Ethnic cleanising is practiced in india and indian oocupied kashmir. The imprisoment , killing of muslims expulsion is carried out by hindu extrimist in india. Growing tide of islam phobia in india while Islam and muslim phobia is exsiting in the mind of Hindu extremist and indian media is singing islam phobia in media. Media in india is engaged in instigating hatred against muslims. The muslim patients affected by coronavirus are managed to treat and kept separately in separate wards where there are no satisfacory arrangements of treatments for them. Disparity is shown because they
are muslims. Medicines are not administerd to them on the other hand, Hindu patients are given. I think that ethnic suffocation is being carried away in occupied kashmir where the voice of people is suppressed. They can not express their concerns. Modi has not shown his concern regarding kashmiri people who has been in quarantined since last nine months imposed by Modi government as he is expressing his concern for the people of india. India has been committing injustice with kadhmiri people in occupied kashmir. Hurriat Forum demanded release of detanees arrested by brute indian army.Their voice has been suppressed. When the secretary general of UNO called for peace in the country who
have been in stress and tension if he had mentioned the kashmir and given importance , weightage and gravity to the people of kashmir living in quarantine since last nine months demanded particularly kashmiries to be released from lock down and curfew imposed by Modi government then it would indeed have been very paramount step and of immense siginificance. Eighty million kashmiries have been suppressed in indian occupied kashmir. Twenty million muslims in india are being targeted, tormented and every kind of troubles and hurdels have been put in the lives muslims of india and occupied kashmir. Indian army has violated loc more than sixteen hundred times. More thsn 90 drones have been sent to pakistani areas for the purpose of spying. O. I. C and world community must play a
constructive and siginficant role to bring RSS prime minister of india Modi to remove imposed lock down in occupied kashmir. . I would like to say that just put yourself in the place of kashmiris and imagine that how it is difficult to be in qarantine? Muslims are undergoing intolerable and horrible situation.

However ,the people in world in qaurantine due to covid19 pandemic situation must feel the condition of the occupied kashmiris who are in forcefully imposed qaurantined since last nine months. Business, education, health,properties and their economy everything has been anahilited and destroyed.