Teachers union condemns provincial chairman’s interference in the districts


By Rafiullah Mandokhail
ZHOB: Chairman Government Teachers Association Zhob Division
Fateh Khan Mandokhail, Sports Secretary Khan Muhammad
Walewal, Jallat Khan Lawoon and other office bearers have strongly
condemned the interference of GTAB provincial chairman in the
district matters.
“Due to the countless sacrifices and constant struggle for the rights
and interests of teachers in Balochistan, GTAB came into being in
1958, but unfortunately it has been on the decline for the last five
years due to its incompetent and self-interested leadership,” stated in
a press release issued by the union.
The press release further stated that due to the failed and
incompetent current leadership, the provincial government is easily
snatching back the privileges gained due to the sacrifices of former
leaders. Resultantly, the union is being divided in many factions. It is
the living example, that in February last year, the government had
snatched time scale incentives from the teachers through a
notification. They alleged.
“The teachers of Zhob had marched on foot with bleeding feet
towards the provincial capital in freezing cold to restore the time scale
and bring it to its previous position. Consequently, the provincial
government restored the time scale by issuing a notification,” they
The divisional cabinet in the press release alleged that, the
provincial leadership, instead of paying tributes to protesting
teachers, creating hardships and preferring the defeated elements
instead of the elected leadership in the district, which is a regrettable
and intolerable act.
“It is an attempt to intervene in the district matters, sideline the
elected cabinet and bring the defeated elements to frontline. This act
is unethical and unconstitutional,” they lamented.

They have demanded of the GTAB councilors across the province
to raise their voice against these unconstitutional and unethical