Remember the tragedy of Karbala & praise the sacrifices by Imam Hussain A.S


Sonia Magsi

The mournful month of Mu?arram marks the historical tragedy of Karbala that shattered the holy family of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, preserved the glory of Islam, dissolved the false government of Yazid, and eventually, forewarned the enemies of Islam that one who shall intend to demolish the commands of Allah would be thrown out of this prevailing world with no exception. Certainly, The chapters of Islamic history depict the tragic story of Hussain Ibn Ali A.S and his supreme sacrifices for the sake of protection of Islam from then brutal emperor Yazid. Yazid was an inhuman person with characterless traits as well as an open enemy of the grandsons of Holy Prophet Imam Hassan A.S and Imam Hussain A.S. Keeping the flag up, It was against the rules of Islam to accept an
emperor having immoral attitude towards the dignity of Islam. Yazid’s unethical and sinful tracks to run an Islamic territory impelled Imam Hussain A.S to save the worth of religious beliefs and to protect the people of Kufa through battling with the largest army of Yazid, because he was a secular ruler and Imam Hussain A.S was the protector of Islam and had been accompanied by few family members and fellowships in the battle of Karbala. Islam itself is the supreme Deen of Allah and is bestowed upon the Muslims in the universe. It is against secularism, sectarianism, terrorism and all wrongdoings that
destabilize the masses. Yazid’s domination over wide areas dissected people into multilateral faiths and forcefully snatched religious, social, political and economical rights from them. But, the strong nature of Imam Hussain A.S led him to zealously love the commands of Allah and obey the sunnah of his beloved grandfather Muhammad (PBUH). In the battle of Karbala, Imam Hussain A.S stood up against the secular nature of Yazid and his government and confronted his largest army retaining a billion troops. It has
been cited in Bihar-al- Anwar, Vol. 44, P. 329 of Imam Hussain A.S quote "I never revolted in vain, as a rebel or as a tyrant; rather, I rose seeking reformation for the nation of Islam". Hence, The battle of Karbala took place owing to the inflexible nature of Yazid, but Imam Hussain A.S never wanted to bring a war zone to Kufa. For him, peace and tranquility prompts welfare of the state. In the end, notwithstanding, Yazid won temporarily owing to his strong army troops, nevertheless, he was defeated in this universe by Imam Hussain A.S with the great assistance of Allah. Today, All mankind is cursing
Yazid with pitiless words and remembering Imam Hussain A.S with his supreme benevolence and generosity, and great devotion of Islam. He usually reiterated that actions must be done for the sake of Allah. The famous beautiful poetry in the praise of Imam Hussain A.S is as follows: "Shah Ast Hussain a.s Badshah Ast Hussain a.sDeen Ast Hussain a.sDeen Panah Ast Hussain a.sSardad Nadad Dast Dar Dast Yazeed (L)Haqa Ky Bina Lailah Hast Hussain a.s.