Public Rally Calls For Peace In Tharparkar


By GR Junejo

Mithi: A number of social activists hailing from various civil society organizations took out a rally here on Thursday for maintaining peace in Tharparkar district, which according to them is being disturbed by unscrupulous elements.

“Certain elements have started illegally occupying the Gauchars (grazing lands) in the desert districts resulting in quarrels among the local people, while the others are creating hatred among different sections of society by using unwanted language on social media against some religious faiths,” the social activists said.

Obhayo Junejo, Subhan Samejo, Sajan Charo, Saeendad Hingoro, Ghulamullah Bachani, Mahtab Rajput, Shankar Singh,Arif Shah,AshiQ Bajer and others said that Tharparkar had been a hub of interfaith harmony and symbol of peace and tranquility, but now the disputes and altercations over illegal occupation of Gauchars have become order of the day. “Since the sowing season has started in Tharparkar after the rains, some influential persons have forcibly occupied the Gauchars resulting in quarrels among different communities,” they said.

“Moreover, certain people are creating hatred among different segments of society by annoying remarks posted on social media against some religious beliefs. The elements involved in such activities want to take political mileage, but the peace-loving people of Thar would foil their sinister designs,” they said.

The social activists urged the district administration to take action against the land-grabbers and the anti-peace elements. They lamented that the politicians have become silent spectators and kept mum over the deteriorating situation.

They also appealed to the social-media users to avoid making such remarks which may hurt the sentiments of people of different beliefs. “It’s in the national interest to maintain peace and brotherhood,” they said urging the law enforcing agencies to move against such anti-social elements without further delay. “The peace-loving people too must come forward to save the peace of land of Marvi, which had been a cradle of peace since the centuries.”

Meanwhile, a social activist Akbar Dars also joined the rally holding a banner inscribed with demands provision of wheat flour at cheap rates, ending unemployment and poverty as according to him unemployment and poverty were the main factors behind deteriorating law and order situation.

The rally started from Bilawal Park and ended at kashmir chowk mithi after passing through Press Club Mithi