PPP leader grieved over death of mother, daughter in a road accident


By Faisal Munir
ATTOCK: Pakistan Peoples Party leader and Ticket holder NA-55, Sardar Zulfiqar Hayat expressed his grief on the tragic accident that took place on Hazara Road, Hassanabdal that claimed the life of a woman and her daughter. The PPP candidate is of the view that in order to prevent any such occurrence in the future, the authorities should construct speed barriers that would reduce the speed of incoming heavy traffic. In the past, such accidents have become more frequent owing to the lack of speed breakers. Some 20 years ago, upon the insistence of the locals , some speed breakers were constructed and this decreased the number of accidents. However , since these were dug out a few years ago, the accidents have also begun to increase. It’s very unfortunate that so far nothing of substantial importance has been done to reduce such occurrences. Along with this, heavy traffic should not be allowed during day time as many schools, hospitals and a girls’ college are situated on this busy road. The proposal of the PPP candidate should be given weight age at the earliest and the authorities must not only condemn this accident but also play their part in preventing future accidents.