Pneumonia, diarrhea leading causes of death in children worldwide: Experts


RAWALPINDI: (Parliament Times)    Pneumonia and diarrhea are the leading causes of death in children worldwide, accounting for 25% of all deaths among children under the age of five worldwide.

This was stated by Dr. Rai Muhammad Asfar, Head, Department of Pediatrics, Rawalpindi Medical University, while addressing the concluding session of a two-week workshop jointly organized by UNICEF and Punjab Health Department at District Health Authority, Rawalpindi. Chief Executive Officer Health Dr. Sohail Chaudhry, District Health Officer Ehsan Ghani and District Surveillance Officer Dr. Waqar Ahmed were also present. Family doctors and general practitioners from Rawalpindi district participated in the workshop.

Dr Rai Mohammad Asghar said that due to timely diagnosis and better medical facilities, the death rate among children due to pneumonia and diarrhea was declining in Punjab. “Precautionary measures to prevent pneumonia and diarrhea are better than cure,” he said.

Dr. Rai Mohammad Asfar said that doctors should not take pneumonia and diarrhea in children lightly but should pay immediate attention as many complications can be avoided by timely diagnosis and use of proper medicines. He said that doctor should be aware of common signs of danger in pneumonia and diarrheaA and strictly follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization.