Nourish your brain


Zahoor Abbas Samo
Its indeed an ugly picture of society where appearance alone is precedented rather focusing on the things which might make the society rich in approach, thinking and education. Very often so, People going after looks, good clothing and building body in gyms often forget that it's brain that speaks and makes decisive image than deceptive appearance. Irrespective of gender, please work on brains too, read authentic history books for knowledge. Infact , its demand of time to nourish our brain just not by
food but by books too. But unfortunately, the half of the youth is often engaged in looking for shortcuts. Resultantly, they adopt inconsequential things such as fashion , design , makeup and clothes to look dandy. Their approach needs a direction that might lead to meet the need and requirments of present era since, their competitors are more aware , educated , sane and concious about their future endeavors. Time is not gone as yet. Lets start it from our homes with individual efforts which will surely pave the way ultimately for social change.