China-Iran deal


Adil Ahmed
The China-Iran deal seems to be signalling towards a new geopolitical chapter in South Asia. It is assumed that Iran’s shunning India out of its rail project is the result of the Lion-Dragon agreement. China intends to invest $400 billion dollars in Iran and in return Iran will provide a regular supply of to China for 25 years at a discounted rate. China and Iran will also engage in joint military exercises and intelligence sharing in the near future. All these agreements seem to be debilitating India in South Asia. Its claim of being the regional superpower seems to be under threat. This historic deal is a great
opportunity for Pakistan because Pakistan has robust relations with China and with the help of this agreement, it can strengthen its relations with Iran. It is assumed that the triangle of Pakistan-Iran-China can emerge as a powerful bloc in regional politics. This trio can exert pressure on India from all sides. Pakistan must avail this opportunity to improve its position in the region with regards to India.