The role of teacher in character building


Fawad Hussain Samo;
Teaching is said to be the profession of prophets. It is highly regarded and respected in developed nations and societies. Teacher is to preach and denominate his knowledge, moral values, social and ethical values in the entities living in the society. Teacher, what i think ,is not limited to the boundaries of the school where the teacher infuse education in the mind of the student but the same time he has to play his qualitative role every where in the society. The role of teacher is needed every time and everywhere in the society. The teacher should not describe himself to be a teacher but his character makes him prominent and represents his role and dignity in the society. It is unfortunate to say that now a days some teachers due to their inhuman and immoral activities humiliated the name of teacher, his importance and spoil the dignity of a teacher in society. The teacher is regarded as a spiritual father who is builder and promoter of the character of the student. It is the teacher who transfers and develops the etiquette in the student. It is said for teacher that he is the only individual who takes the student from the earth to the sky, it is he who makes the student to get exalted position in life. The personality of the student is developed and enhanced by the teacher who has the heavy responsibility of promoting character building in the children who are the fathers of tomorrow. The fathers of tomorrow are supposed to be morally,educationally, socially and religiously sound in knowledge so that they could play and fulfill their responsibilities properly to prove that they are the individual of healthy society which is free from ill- designers. Man makes a society not society makes a man. Man makes law not law makes a man. Likewise the teacher makes the students character high not the students
It is also indefensible to understand that what is the quality teacher? Quality teacher is he who lives for ever in the hearts and mind of the students, lives in hearts of the students as a personality not a person. “Person dies but personality never dies”The living style of the quality teacher is followed by his students and they keep him as role model for them. Quality teachers create history and their names are written with golden words in history. It is seen that history is repleted with great deal of the teacher any one teacher is talk of town because of his subject knowledge, behavior, character and teaching methodology. However now a days such immoral actions performed by the teachers which are really condomable . They have spoiled and destroyed the reputation of the teacher in our society. One incident that took place in khairpur district where little age of boy was raped by the retired teacher. Other case ,as due to covid-19 online classes has been launched in one video of online class teacher has shown smoking in online class which leaves adverse effect on the mind of students. Will the student take, this behavior of the teacher during online class, as best role model presented by the teacher.What is more recently one private t.v channel took comments and put up some questions regarding current affairs and question about the National Anthem of Pakistan to be read out and some other answers were to be told by the teachers,standing out side of bank,who came for receiving their monthly salary, couldn’t answer the questions. Some of them avoided to face the media personal. Teacher has an important role to work on the personality development of the students. Teacher is always to stimulate the students so that the faculty of mind of the children not be suppressed. Motivational lectures by the teachers will bring about change in the behavior of the student. I have closely studied that children who are in lower classes they are immensely influenced by the teaching of female teachers whatever they convey them regarding any discipline they firmly adhere to it. However it is right or wrong information infused in the minds of children but they stick to it. The children follow their teachers closely. Therefore, Personality of teacher, either in attire, talking, behavior, communication skills, subject knowledge and teaching methods are indispensable to the teacher to be a role model for children. Parents want their children to be a good doctor, an engineer, and advocate which is traditionally prevailing in our society but i never listen to them saying that they want their children a good human first. Teachers and parents will have to put their efforts collectively to promote character building. It is rightly said that ‘if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, if character is everything lost’

Fawad Hussain Samo is a Freelance Writer as an Educationist.I can be approached [email protected]