Social Media


Muhammad Khan Shahani
Social media plays very important role in every student's life. It is often eaiser and more convenient to access information,provide information and communicate via social media. Student's can be connected with each other and can make good use of these platform's for the benefit of their learning and teaching. Social media is very important for everyone b/c it allows you to reach people locally, regionally, nationally and even the internationally. The first recognize social media site six degree was
created in1997. It enabled user's to upload a profile and make friend's with other user. In 1997 the first blogging site became popular creating a social media sensation that's still popular today. The first social media was made by Andrew weinreich in 1997. Social media is great way to connect with other people. Who you May not see all the time. It's also great for making friends. Social media help you to build
connection with kid's who have the same interests. It is a very quick way for people to get to know with each other's even if they are living across the world. Social media also helps you build your brand b/c it enable sharing you can share everything on the platform of social media. This means that follower's can your content with their family and friend's which help's expose your brand to were people. It's an
excellent way for you to gain New leads. Social media allows you to reach on the every part of platform.
Social networks are greater way to stay connected with each other's but you should be worry about How much personal information you post. Have you family, friend's community follow these tips to safely enjoy social media. Once posted, always posted. (Some effects of social media) Protect your reputation on social networks. The excessive use of these site's effect the mental asa well as physical health. The over use of these site's on a daily basic has many negative effects on the mental and physical health of student's making them lethargic, lazy and unmotivated to create contact with other
people in person. Someday's ago people were playing only tue the Pubg game thisis only kind of social media, they paly it just for fun or for passion but there are few people who have just waste their whole time in these stuffs which is totally wrong. (Benefits of social media ) =Following are eight best social networks. Facebook. =Instagram. =Twitter. =Snapchat. =youtube. =linkedln. =Print media. =Electronic media. Billion of people around the world use social media to share information and make connection with each other's, On a personal level social media allows you to communicate with friend's and family,learn new thing's develop your interest and be a entertained,On a personal level you can share and get knowledge from the social media . Nowadays social media is becoming a valuable facilitating showing knowledge and communication Not only a personal or individual level but also for the organisation. Social media is an internet based form of communication.